DIY: How to Hijack a Democracy in Three Easy Steps

Hijacking democracy

At AboutWorld we have recently come up with a unique DIY guide. Given our latest research into US politics (most notably on Why is Trump a Genius, US Economy and Fake News), we concluded that such a guide would be an easy next step. This is why we present to you our very own and first DIY guide: How to hijack a democracy in 3 simple and easy steps:

Step 1

Stupid People Large Groups

This step is probably the easiest for those of you who already have an evil plan in mind. As a first step, you should choose the democracy you want to hijack. Of course any democracy is doable, however there are easier and tougher ones. If you are a newbie at hijacking democracies, we suggest you pick one of the easier ones. While there isn’t (at least that we know of) a list out there ranking democracies by there hijackability, we do have a list of traits that might help you find an easy one:

  • Patriotic: Yes, patriotism is one of the easiest ways to hijack a democracy. Patriotism is a feeling, and as such is fish to the marketing sharks. Patriotism has driven people to do the unthinkable. Diverging some of this drive to meet your needs should be easy once you target the right population with the right fake news.
  • Radically religious: Similar to patriotism, but probably better. Radical religion has a tight grip on the population. Showing the right information aligned with the religion’s symbolism will make you nothing short of a puppet master. Great attribute if you want to hijack a democracy.

“After all, misleading Google algorithms is all about scale. And yes, maybe this step involves probably thousands of people generating fake accounts and fake content, but hey if you live in great dictatorial countries, you should be able to get enough bureaucrats to do it.”


  • Low education: Yes, education will be the biggest blocker against your hijacking efforts. Acting like a self-defense mechanism, skepticism provided by education makes hijacking people’s opinions very difficult. Finding yourself a democracy with bad education standards will assure you an easy path towards your project.
  • Disbelief in science: Populations who don’t really understand what science is all about will be the most likely to doubt it. These pockets of people are not hard to find, just search those who believe in things like homeopathy, that the earth is flat or that aliens discovered the transistor.
  • Dumb people: In general, any democracy with enough dumb people should be easy to win over.

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