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Welcome to politics in America 2017. There are basically two choices, the red republicans (aka GOP – Grand Old Party) and the blue democrats (DNC ?). As you can already guess, the more aggressive and proud party is the GOP while the DNC is the more sensible and emphatic one. As of late, the chasm that divides these two parties has grown larger and larger. Republicans are now more religious, more proud but also more stupid. On the other hand the democrats are getting more skeptic, more intelligent but also more weak. And this is a huge problem because each party decides to elect a more radical president each time. As in any unstable system, this will inevitably lead to a crash (maybe we are there already?).

“There is an ‘excusitis’ outbreak caused by so much petty thinking in politics”

In light of current events in politics the only plausible situation to stop the oscillations between radical candidates would be for both parties to tone it down. What this means for democrats is to stop being so complacent. While it is very true that the situation for disadvantaged groups is not at all fair as compared to other US citizens, it is also true that the prevailing attitude they have generated is a meek one. There is a sense of entitlement in Americans which is quite contrary to the values on which the country was founded.

People think they are owed a great job, think that they should get everything easy and without effort or suffering. As David Schwartz* would put it, there is an ‘excusitis’ outbreak caused by so much petty thinking in politics. While I think it is good that democrats fight for human rights equality, the attitude they inadvertently are fostering is having an excuse not to be all that you can be.

“They are not just dumb, they are incredibly confident dumb people.”

If democrats are growing weaker by the day, republicans are definitely growing dumber at twice the speed. All the data shows that income disparity is growing, that climate is changing, that H1B’s generate innovation needed in the US… And what do they do? Elect the most contrarian candidate which goes out of his way to shut down climate change policies, which restricts the H1B visas and which cuts funding to medicaid to give bigger tax breaks to business owners. You just can’t beat them at being retarded. They are not just dumb, they are extremely confident dumb people. I could ¬†go on ranting about the GOP for another several posts, but you get the point.

I think democrats will win the next elections given the current president’s polls. So it is up to them to learn a bit from the GOP and have a stronger image. Democrats need to rise to the occasion and take the lead combining the best of both worlds. Otherwise America is at risk of forgetting the great values that were embedded into its foundation.


* David Schwartz wrote this great book called the The Magic of Thinking Big. Highly recommended.

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