Why Facebook is stealing from you


Picture yourself for a moment. You just came home after an incredible trip to Alaska. You have a ton of pictures and good stories to tell.
So now you decide how to tell your friends about this awesome adventure you had. Some ideas pop into your mind about maybe printing some photos, but we all know most of them will end up on Facebook. So you upload them with maybe some tagging and some descriptions. And this all seems fine except that by doing so you are unknowingly giving away money that could be yours to Facebook.

As shocking as it may seem to you, those silly awkward family pictures are worth money.

Why? People who have their own website probably already know the answer: Content. Web content (such as text or images) is the key resource which all social media websites are based on. Think for a second what would happen to Facebook if users suddenly stopped posting their personal life? Do you think people would keep visiting their site? Probably not. Content gives social websites the means to attract people to their domains. More people means more views. More views means that ads will be looked at more often, which in turn leads to money.

How much money exactly are we talking about? Well let’s do the test. Here is a website which tells you roughly how much money you could be doing in Youtube. Now choosing the average CPM (more on what’s CPM here) and around 10 daily views, you could be receiving $0.07 to $1.20 a month. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but when multiplied by a billion Facebook users, you get 70 million to 1.2 billion a month…

So is this whole thing really bad? By now you probably are thinking ‘Yeah but it’s simply very convenient to post to Facebook’. And, seriously, who would go through the hassle of creating and posting on their website only to gain 1$ a month? And sites like Facebook or Google+ not only give you a place to post your stuff, but also networking and privacy lists to keep your information secure.

I am not arguing that everyone should go on a blog opening-frenzy. However I do want to make the point that people are not really aware of how social media websites work, and so may end up unwillingly passing the opportunity to make some money with all the posting that they are doing on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube, Google+ etc. So to all of you addicts to social media: 

USA – Fear is the greatest Aphrodisiac

Today morning I was reading the news when I came across this article

Germany’s demographics: Young people wanted

Huh that looks interesting. For being the economic engine of Europe, Germany needing young people sounds curiously surprising. So why is Germany in such a dire position while the US, the No. 1 nation economic-wise, is not?

First let’s take a global view. It is well known that among the countries with the lowest birth rates are those in the EU. To be more exact here is the wikipedia entry for birth rates. Here the map in said page:

The bluest zones are the countries with the lowest birth rates. And yes, the correlation is pretty obvious, rich countries have less children. Which is no surprise since this (should be) is taught in high school. The normal demographics curve of a country looks something like this:

So according to this graph, half of the world is still Preindustrial, aka Europe in the early 1800’s. Well maybe not, but that is out of the scope of this entry.

Getting to the point, what want to put out there is that the birth rate of a country is not correlated to its wealth but rather to the general fear its citizens feel. So to prove my point on a global scale I present you this other map:

Try to match green-orange-reddish countries in the first map with red ones on the second one. Or the other way around. You’ll see that there is a strong correlation.

Now on to the US starting with a map of the states by birth rate:

And another map with the states by gun ownership:

So to me it would seem like the most liberal states, and therefore having less easy manipulable population, are the ones which have a lower birth rate.

So here comes the conspiracy part: The US government has been long using its propaganda machine (FOX, CBS, NBC and ABC) to keep the fear up. This has three major benefits. First it keeps up the gun ownership. Second it justifies its huge army budget. Third it keeps the birth rate up.

Whether or not you believe this conspiracy, the correlation between gun ownership and birth rate is striking. Too bad that the dumber, cough cough. Too bad that the gun owning states are the ones that are reproducing faster.

Note: No offense is intended to any state or nation.