Science needs religion


Yes you read that right; science needs religion. Science cannot evolve and advance without some sort of static belief system. Without such an ideology, science would be in danger of becoming itself a religion.

What happens when science becomes a religion? What happens is that we stop doubting science. Even more dangerous, we start protecting scientific dogmas based on belief alone, not on evidence . When that happens science will stop advancing, it will freeze into a certain state where it would be difficult to get out from. Imagine radical people hanging on to science as their reason to be. Then you can imagine what would happen if anyone should try to doubt these beliefs. Not too different from today’s religious radical people.

So even though 41% of the scientific community claims to be agnostic or atheist, trying to keep a notion of science which is both a belief system and a method to objectively understand the world is a fool’s errand. And I don’t mean to say every atheist uses science as a religion! However I do imply it is very easy for science to become the belief system of people.

Like anything in this world, a solid base is necessary to build upon. One thing that distinguishes a solid base it’s that it doesn’t move, it is static rather than dynamic. However science must be dynamic, must be self-challenging, thus coming in conflict with being a solid base. This is the reason why it needs something else to provide the base, which so far has been religion. Since religion is based on belief and not in evidence, it is better as a base. Advancements in science have eroded this base, rendering millennial-old belief systems inadequate for being a good base.

So what can people hold on to if you take away religion? It’s not difficult to see science taking its place, even though no one meant it to be so. You can see some of this effect in this video.


It is amazing how humans tend to ‘solidify’ science into a belief system. Which only ameliorates the argument that humans need a solid belief base. The problem now is that we have been using the same religions for more than a thousand years. It is quite amazing that they have hold up for so long! But now they have lost their some or most of their credibility depending on who you ask. What is the solution?


Author: Andres Paez

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