Fake News and the Fall of Globalization

What seems to be the latest Russian specialty of the house (here, here and here), fake news have shaped people’s mind in recent years. Fueled by abused search engine algorithms and social websites, fake news have risen to the top and have been identified as the main contributor to recent unexpected results such as Brexit and Trump.

However, fake news are just one side of the coin. What has not been discussed so far and should be is why are fake news, and news in general, so powerful. If you don’t know what I’m talking about just take a look at the USA. According to Gallup around 43% of US citizens think ill of Muslims. However this number is a bit baffling when you take into account that the Muslim population in most of the states is below 1%.

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The top 10 US cities for software engineers

After doing some research on US cities we came up with a list of the 10 best cities in the US for software engineers. Of course engineers live and breath data so this list is a bit more data driven than your typical post.

So what did we look for? Well median salary for software engineers is obviously a must. Work availability goes in there as well. Average commute time is good to put up there, as well as average rent price for a one bedroom apartment. Another point we look at is weather and sunny days per year. Finally to end the recipe, we joined in data for gender ratio.
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