Why Trump is a Genius

Republican presidential candidate Trump gestures and declares "You're fired!" at a rally in Manchester

Donald J Trump is a political genius… or at least he might be. Over the course of the current presidential elections he has shown to be incoherent and to promote hate, fear, racism and other abhorrent behaviors. And you would think that such a candidate would never have a chance to win much votes. However the result is completely opposite: Trump is the leading GOP contender for the upcoming elections.

So let’s step back a little and do a small mind game. Let’s step into the shoes of a presidential candidate. What’s the objective of the game? To get as much votes as possible. So how do you get people’s vote? Well, you convince them that when you are the president you will do things that will benefit them. The problem starts when you understand that by favoring a group of people, you will be almost always opposing another group. In other words, you cannot keep everyone happy. Thus the logical way to go is to favor the biggest group in the room.

This approach is easier when you have a small number of voters since it’s easier to understand where the majority stands. However when you are running for presidential elections, it becomes nearly impossible to know which stance will warrant you the most votes. And hence the Trump strategy: instead of using the same stance everywhere, just modify it as you see fit to keep as much people as you can happy. This is why you can find videos of Trump contradicting himself almost for everything he has said.

Basically Trump is just a people-pleaser. The words that come out of his mouth have only one objective: to get more voters. And this is a big problem because when candidates start acting in ways which will give them the most votes, the side that ends up losing is the voters. In other words political campaigns’ incentives are not aligned with democracy. People should vote for the candidate they feel represent them the most. But when candidates start acting as Trump it becomes impossible to know which candidate will represent which ideology. Once one crosses the line, then the others need to follow in order to compete. This is also another example of why unbounded competition leads to undesired results.

And I know it’s hard to hear, but so far Trump has been playing the game pretty well. Whatever he has been communicating, it has struck with a lot of people, and has gotten a lot of votes. Whether these folks are dumb enough to believe exactly what he is saying, or whether they are voting because Trump has been the best at playing the game is something we might never know. However you see it, the phrase In a democracy people get the leaders they deserve has never been more true.

If you want to read more on Trump’s thoughts and ideologies, this book is a great reference to understand his frame of mind

Author: Andres Paez

Tech’er, writer, programmer, life enthusiast.

19 Replies to “Why Trump is a Genius”

  1. I don’t agree with the author of this article. I think Mr. Trump has been very consistent in his agenda and vision for the American people.

    Post his election, those were the same agenda he jumped into which he spoke about pre -elections.

    It’s a political game. Most politically leaders whom Mr. Trump gave a hard fight and rose as a President are giving him difficult time now. These are people from both within and outside the Republicans.

    1. Trump’s presidency is a variant of the traditional story, ‘The Emperor’s clothes”. Either you believe what you see, or you fool yourself into believing what you want to believe. For me, it is scary to realize that a significant minority of Americans believe that Donald Trump is just what America needs. Hopefully, we’ll get through the next 3 years (or less) unscathed.

  2. I agree with this article that he plays to the gallery (galleries) and tells them in simple language what they want to hear. He is also a showman known widely by all. He is very rich so was able to fund his campaign I suspect without being beholden to any vested interests. Genius as a showman perhaps, but as a President of the USA ………Time will tell.

  3. You have the wrong candidate…it was Hillary Clinton that pandered to her audience including using whatever means necessary hot sauce, sniper fire, slang and a southern drawl when and where needed. Trump was consistent. Neither one was authentic.

  4. A world stage was given to either a baby or retard. There’s risks to take but there’s limits…Trump-just coz there’s a God, the reason we’re still holding on with no chaos.

  5. No surprise here ,he says it in his book , The Art of the deal . Ouote “you tell people what they want to hear ,play to there fantasies then you close the deal”
    I just did not realize there were so many stupid people walking around in America.

  6. America is weary of uncertainty. How could it have gone from Obama to Trump? It must have been the self funding aspect. I should have listened to his speeches more. ..to get more of an idea of how he slipped through so many gaps. So many negative opinions from the people. …and he is dishonest. .
    .*}rigged vote (?).

  7. Trump is indeed smart. He knows the most important things. Look at how he got the Jerusalem question very right!
    He was despised by his rivals at both his party’s primaries and at presidential elections but that did not prevent him from winning. Unlike the usual US president, he has no experience in US politics or military yet he won the hearts of the electorates to be given the nod just on his first attempt.
    It’s unfortunate his opponents still have not realised the futility of their hate strategies. For instance the useless “Fire and Fury” written by a LOSER is laughable.

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